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2020-05-25  2 million migrant workers came back to Ukraine: the Cabinet of Ministers devised a plan to keep them

While the virus is ruining the economies of many countries, Ukraine is trying to take advantage of the current situation.
The government plans to give low-interest loans to the former migrant workers, so they can start their own business in Ukraine.

According to the Cabinet of Ministers, 2 million labor migrants have returned to the country since the quarantine measures were imposed in Ukraine because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The government plans to leave them in Ukraine offering low-interest credits, said the Prime Minister Denis Shmygal in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.
“During the quarantine period, about 2 million of our citizens returned to Ukraine, because they lost their jobs abroad. We consider these people to be very skilled labor force, as they have had practice in Europe. They have high productivity, good technological and professional training "- said the head of the government.
According to him, the ministers are currently working on the "New Money" program. As part of this project people will get low-interest loans to start their own business in Ukraine.
In addition, the government plans to create new workplaces in a number of sectors, such as social and budgetary spheres, as well as the road-building and reconstruction and the improvement of the social infrastructure.
At the same time, Shmygal believes that workers will not leave Ukraine if their salary in Ukraine is 300-400 euros less than abroad.
"For example, if a person there received 1000 conventional units, and here he can earn 600 conventional units in equivalent, then he will decide not to go abroad, but he will remain here. This is a good psychological move," the prime minister concluded.