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2021-01-25  Who can visit Ukraine now and how to do it right

Ukraine is open to citizens from all countries without exception. If you are a foreigner and come on business, or visit relatives, or for an interview at the US Embassy, or as a tourist or for other reasons, you can enter Ukraine. 
The conditions are the same for both foreigners and Ukrainians returning home from vacation. Today, there is a division of countries into "green" and "red" zones, which are associated with the spread of COVID-19. Every 7 days the list of countries in the red and green zones is updated.
 The current division of countries can be checked on the Ministry of Health website. If you come to Ukraine from the "green" zone, you do not need to make any additional actions - just go home or wherever you need. There are no restrictions for both Ukrainian citizens and foreigners. If you come to Ukraine from the countries of the "red" list, you have several options to choose between: 
1. Stay isolated for 14 days at the place of residence or at the selected hotel;
 2. Pass the test for Covid-19 upon arrival in Ukraine. If the test result is negative - you are free to move around the country; 
3. Make a test before arriving in Ukraine and provide it at the border. The results of the test are valid for 48 hours.
You need the insurance (which includes insurance against Covid-19) issued by a Ukrainian insurance company. You can buy such insurance online on the website of the Insurance Company.
 Upon arrival in Ukraine, regardless of citizenship, you must install the mobile application called "Vdoma". The application can be installed on any phone number, but this application works only on the territory of Ukraine. The Vdoma application controls your geolocation and sends messages to which you must respond and take a photo. Those who have done a PCR test for Covid-19 no later than 48 hours before arriving in Ukraine do not need to install the Vdoma application. The test must be done in a certified laboratory. If you arrived in Ukraine without a test, you must install the Vdoma application, take a test for Covid-19, and upon receipt, upload the test result to the application that will remove all the restrictions and you will be able to move around the country. You must self-isolate before receiving test results. 
The best algorithm of actions when entering Ukraine from the countries of the "red list": 
 1. You make a PCR test for Covid-19 48 hours before arrival in Ukraine. In this case, you do not need to install the Vdoma mobile application. 
2. You buy insurance on the official website and print out the insurance policy. You do everything online. 
3. You show the PCR test for Covid-19 and the printed insurance policy at the border. 
Welcome to Ukraine!